Cámara Argentina del Maní
Promoting the development of the Argentine Peanut Sector


Update on 19/20 planting area estimation| CAM

Following the February 2020 survey of the planted area, the Argentina Peanut Chamber has updated the estimation of hectares for the current campaign. While the reduction estimated is lower if.. More

Oferta y Demanda CAM 6 2014-19 ingles- sept 2019

Last update on Supply and Demand Estimation | CAM

During September, the Argentine Peanut Chamber (CAM, as per the Spanish acronym) updated its Supply and Demand Estimation. Based on industry data, total production is estimated at 977mil tons (11% more.. More


Update on 2019 Supply and Demand Estimation

Based on Argentine peanut industry data upto June 2019, the Argentine Peanut Chamber (CAM, as per the Spanish acronym) reported a new supply and demand estimation. The estimated yields have increased to 2,47.. More


First Report on 2018/19 Peanut Supply and Demand in Argentina

Based on the yearly industry survey on yields conducted in March, the Argentine Peanut Chamber is reporting a new supply and demand estimation for 2018-2019. The good weather conditions up.. More