China foresees a paradigm shift

With 345 participants from 34 countries, the International Peanut Forum (IPF, as per the English acronym) is the most relevant meeting for the international peanut industry. Importers, exporters, brokers, traders, farmers, sorters, manufacturers, researchers and service providers come together to discuss the market, do business and participate in technical conferences. The meeting is organized by the American Peanut Council (APC) every two years. This edition was held in Madrid, Spain, between 13 and 15 April and the Argentine Peanut Chamber was the Gold Sponsor.

Among the featured activities was the traditional Panel on Supply and Demand, in which representatives from different countries discuss the current situations and main market trends. The supplier countries on the panel were Brazil, China, India, USA and Argentina. While the demand-side was represented by companies such as Intersnack, Mars and Importaco. The panel moderator was Anupam Jindel from Olam International.

According to the statistics provided by the organizers, Córdoba Peanuts continues consolidating its position as the main worldwide exporter. In 2015, Argentina ranked first with exports amounting to almost 600,000 tons. Presently, focus is placed on our country as the main viable alternative of high-quality peanut supply. It is worth mentioning that Córdoba produces between 90 and 95 per cent of the overall peanuts in Argentina yearly, standing as a relevant regional economy in productive, economic and social terms, due to employment generation.

On the other hand, China asserts that they will shortly move away from being a net exporter to become a net importer, foreseeing a strong paradigm shift. Moreover, their market strategy focuses on Argentina as the main high-quality peanut supplier.

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