The designation “CORDOBA PEANUTS – Protected Designation of Origin” (Provincial Act N° 10.094/12) is a seal of quality that guarantees Premium quality, based on the strictest international standards.

Safety comes first!

CORDOBA PEANUTS stands for a product free from chemical and biological contaminants, with a chemical and nutritional composition specific to and inherent in its geographical origin. Several agreements with research institutions, articulated through the Argentine Peanut Foundation, facilitate quality monitoring. The latter has been carrying out the annual monitoring of Argentine peanut production since 2006, to determine the nutritional quality of peanuts as well as their chemical composition, and verifying product innocuousness by proving the absence of pesticide and heavy metal traces.

Besides the manufacturers in the Argentine Peanut Region implement and certify different quality standards: Good Manufacturing Practices (Argentine Peanut Chamber – 2008), HACCP, ISO, BRC, ETI and GFS, among others.

Unique Taste

CORDOBA PEANUTS stand out for their distinct roasted peanut taste with a mild sweet touch, obtained from the high sucrose content of peanuts produced in Córdoba. Their high calcium content makes peanuts especially crunchy, ideal for enjoying in different recipes. A soft golden gleam highlights their light brown color, which appeals to the eye. ​

Wholesome Foods

The nutritional content of CORDOBA PEANUTS (high percentage unsaturated fat, fiber and protein) significantly contributes to the recommended daily intake (MERCOSUR Res. 46/03).

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