First Peanut Crop Estimate-2016/17 | Cordoba Grain Exchange

Following you will find a summary of the first in-shell peanut production estimate for 2016/17 crop. This report was elaborated by the Agricultural and Economic Information System of the Córdoba Grain Exchange (BCCBA) in collaboration with the Argentine Peanut Chamber.


First Peanut production estimate 2016/17

Report N° 96. First fortnight March 2017

The first 2016/17 production estimate has been developed in Córdoba; peanut yields exceeded the previous season. 

In reference to peanuts, in-shell production estimates amount to 1.1 million tons, 32% higher than the previous season. Considering the in-shell peanut/unshelled peanut ratio at 70/30, in-shell production is estimated at 795,500 tons, 29% more than season 2015/16. Improved yields are chiefly due to the expected increase in yields for this year at 37 qq/ha, 16% higher than 2015/16.

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The Peanut crop is moving from the full pod (R4) stage to the beginning maturity stage (R7). Digging is estimated to start in the first half of April.

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Climatic Events

Precipitation in February 2017 has been estimated as 40 to 70% less than last year in the different departments of the province of Córdoba, except for Pte. Roque Sáenz Peña and Río Primero, where such variation was 10%. Accumulated precipitation by Department in February 2017 did not exceed the historical average, except for Río Primero, as depicted in the following chart.

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Rainfall in February was a constant in some of the southern and southeastern departments in Córdoba, causing floods in fields and blocking off roads during this season, although milder than last year.

The most recent estimates of areas lost to floods, account for 9,600 ha for peanuts, 78% less than the previous season.


This report was developed jointly with Collaborators from across the province, who provided data for their areas during the survey conducted by the Grain Exchange of Córdoba in the first fortnight of March 2017.


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