The Argentina Peanut Chamber has renewed authorities in the Executive Committee. In this
context, we present an overview of the challenges facing the Argentine peanut sector.

The Argentina Peanut Chamber, made up by twenty peanut processing and exporting companies,
renewed authorities on March 30. The new administration is headed by Ivana Cavigliasso,
President and Diego Yabes, Vice president. Diego Bracco and Elvio Cerutti continue in their
capacity as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.

“In the forthcoming years of our mandate, we will pursue further consolidation of the Argentine
Peanut Sector as a worldwide high-quality leader. The institutional strength of our Chamber is a
fundamental pillar for the development of the regional peanut economy. Our challenges towards
the future are strengthening our current position in the face of the introduction of new origins,
achieving clear rules and State policies that incorporate the importance of regional economies,
and finding solutions to the issues posed by the economic context. In order to succeed in such
pursuits, it is essential to continue working in collaboration with all levels of Government,
municipal, provincial, and national,” asserted the new executive team.
Ivana Cavigliasso, who had previously served as Vice president of the chamber, is the first woman
to preside over the peanut sector. Ms. Cavigliasso is from General Cabrera; she is an Industrial
Engineer and Quality Manager in Prodeman Corporation.