Regional Economy.


The Peanut Agricultural and Industrial Sector chiefly extends across the Province of Córdoba and constitutes a flagship regional economy for the Province, centered almost exclusively on exports, since 95% of production is exported.

This sector is made up by 25 companies, which include SMEs and cooperatives of Argentine capital and foreign-capital companies that have been established in our country for many years.
Two companies of the sector are based in the Province of Salta, and the remaining 23 companies are in the Province of Córdoba. An estimated thirty locations of the interior of Province of Córdoba support their economies with the peanut agricultural industry as the sole significant source of employment. As of 2014, the Peanut Sector accounted for close to 12,000 jobs, direct and indirect, in said locations.

The almost vital role of every company in the life of their community is also worth highlighting, since they support the operation of schools, police departments, fire department, hospitals and road-development consortia, contributing to the strong retention of young professionals in their place of origin.