Report on Peanut Supply and Demand in Argentina

On Wednesday 9 August, the Argentine Peanut Chamber (CAM, as per the Spanish acronym) reported new industry data on the 2016/2017 peanut crop yields and the impact on peanut supply and demand in Argentina.

By issuing such report, the CAM seeks to promote market transparency and improve the reliability of the information already available.

Losses Due to Climatic Factors

Given the climatic contingencies, the area lost to floods increased to approximately 50,000 hectares. Notwithstanding, this outlook may be even bleaker according to the weather conditions in the forthcoming weeks.

The production areas that were most severely struck by floods are concentrated in the southeast of the Province of Córdoba, northwest of La Pampa and northwest of Buenos Aires.

 The Outcomes of Good Work

Based on the good yields obtained from the harvested area, the in-shell peanut production estimate totals 1,252,631 tons, with slight variations.

Barely weeks from the end of the season, figures indicate 10% growth of the peanut crop with respect to season 2016 (876,841 tons of shelled peanuts). Nevertheless, we expect a drop in exportable supply, since there is no accumulated stock from the past season, unlike the two previous years.

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